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Visual Art

Cassie Polo
Kate Rodgers



Welcome to Evergreen Elementary School’s Visual Arts!

This year in art, students will have opportunities to learn about and utilize a variety of art materials and techniques. Students will continuously build a vocabulary of art concepts that will encourage art appreciation, creative problem-solving, self-expression, and visual literacy. We’re looking forward to guiding students as they create their own artworks using paint, clay, markers, and pastels! 

Some things to remember about the Evergreen Art program: 

  • Students will come to Art class for 45 minutes every week.
  • Students will spend several classes working on their art projects, so even though they will be attending Art weekly, they may not bring home art every week. 
  • We often use materials that can get messy, so please make sure students wear clothing that is appropriate for Art. 
  • Students will be expected to follow all art room instructions, rules & procedures.
  • Often, I select artworks to be put on display for school, county, or state art exhibits, which can be very exciting for our Evergreen artists! 
  • Report card grades will be posted at the end of Marking Periods 2 and 4.


Everything we do in Art will relate to the Elements of Art, artists/art history, may be cross-curricular, and are connected to the National Core Art Standards for Elementary Visual Art. The standards are in place in order to build a high quality visual arts education program at all grade levels. Student art activities and projects will be graded using Standards-Based Grading to provide more accurate information about students’ progress towards meeting specific Fine Arts content standards. By monitoring the standards listed on the report cards, you will know if students are mastering the creative process skills introduced and refined during instruction.